ESS speakers "Translinear" Transstatic

These were speakers designed by California based company called ESS, that is, Electro Static Sound before they used the Heil Air Montion transformer. These models were current in 1970-1975. I am curious if any one still owns either of the above models, or has seem them listed on any of them listed in the used audio web sites. They were incredible speakers for their time,and sounded as good as many of so-called elctrostatics of today. They used good driver elements, for example, the KEF B-139 oval driver for the bass response.If anyone has knowledge of either of these above vintage speakers,please leave info on this Web page. Thank you!!
I've been an ESS fanboy for some 40+ years, still using my amt 1b pyramids I bought from a friend in the late 70s in my main system. He got them from the original owner as trade for some concrete work he'd done, and I paid $350 for them. All I've done since is refoam the woofers twice, and replace the passives once.

What brought me here to this old thread is that I have a chance to purchase a pair of Translinear speakers from an acquantance the next town over. On-line info for these is very lean, and that helps muddy up consideration of their fair market valuation, so I haven't any idea what a fair price would be for the pair.

I heard them yesterday and boy do they sound nice. Huge and heavy, though

Better late than never to respond. I have a matched numbered pair of ESS TS Is and have been contemplating selling them. I purchased them (1973) as floor models from Paulson's in Tacoma, WA. They are in great shape and the rosewood veneer is intact and shiny. I have 7 or so extra RtR es wafers that I scored on ebay a few years ago. They are the only downfall of the TSs because the wafers were glued and riveted together making it difficult to repair. I also have a roll of mylar given me by a British man in case I decided to attempt a repair. What are you willing to pay for a one-owner pair of ESS TS towers? I reside in WA, the State. Shipping would be expensive for over two hundred pounds. Also, I would have to custom construct transport boxes in the case of sending them via freight. 

I've loved ESS since first hearing them back in the early 70's. Still have a couple pair with the large original Heil tweeters. One with original mylar and the other with Kapton diaphragms, still sound great to me! Just wondering if anyone has a pair or heard the model with the huge Heil woofer. Can't remember the name, Transtar?

This is my first viewing of the thread. I first heard the Transtatic I in 1971, and wanted a pair badly. Unfortunately, I was a starving musician (not literally ;-), so had to settle for a pair of Infinity 1001’s (the 2000A’s little brother). I also heard the Infinity Servo-Static I, which at around $2,000/pr was the most expensive speaker I had then heard. But there was something about them I just didn’t like.

Ten years later I was in a different financial position, and saw a pair of the Transtatics in The Recycler (a Los Angeles-area buy-and-sell rag) for $400, and snapped ’em up. One speaker’s original KEF B139 woofer had been replaced with a knock-off, so I called ESS in Sacramento to get another. They had one and only one B139 left!

Like @jermo I am in Washington State, but am keeping my Transtatics. Somewhere along the way I picked up some spare RTR ESL tweeters, but am keeping them as well. That RTR tweeter was the first ESL I had heard,,and it started my love affair with ESLs. By the way, the FMI (Fulton Musical Industries) Model J also employed the RTR ESL tweeter---six per speaker. In the 1970’s, the most transparent tweeter there was. Dave Wilson used an array of them in his original WAMM.