ESS Eclipse 500 Amp??

Anyone hear of this amp?>
It is told to be good for Electrostats..I really need info here..thanks Chad
Nobody knows about this unit?
There's the Innersound ESL 300 that's designed for electrostatics. I've never heard of the ESS Eclipse 500 though. The Innersound is considered the best amp for stats by many btw.
It dates back to the mid-1970's and was an early Nelson Pass design. ESS was an electrostatic loudspeaker company back then, but discontinued their use when they introduced the Heil Air Motion Transformer. An amp that old is going to require electrolytic capacitor replacement.
so it is pretty much worthless correct? Having not seen any info on it I was leary about it, and at a price of $500 it is clearly a rip off from what I gather.
nevermind, I found the info, 4 per channel