ESS AMT4: Worth repairing?

I have a pair of these which need refoaming. Does anyone have experience with this speaker such that they might offer advice as to whether these 10" drivers are worth the repair cost, or is it smarter to just buy new units and install them? The ribbon drivers seem ok as far as I can tell. From the looks of it, the locals here want about $110 to refoam the drivers for me.

Or, if repair makes sense, does anyone have tips on a good shop to use other than our locals here in Portland (well thought of, Fred's Sound of Music btw).

What might these sell for in good shape?

thanks all,

You dont just drop in another driver and expect to get any kind of proper match with the existing cabinet ,xover and tweeter. $110 to refoam 2 10" speakers is about twice what it should cost. In Portland there is a company which specializes in doing refoams and charges around $30 ea. It is JaMac Products-8600 NE Sandy-503 252 2929
35.00 each here in northern illinois. shop around. kurt
Please understand something I have just learned.

You can refoam a driver generically, but if you are an audiophile, it is important to realize that the suspension of a speaker is one of the MOST critical aspects of it when it comes to performance. It is what moves the speaker, and helps the music come out.

I recently had two speakers reconed, and while the gentleman charges all different prices depending on the driver and the foam he needs to use, it is key to getting the right sound from the driver. He looks, and more importantly "feels" the driver, and then chooses the best surround for the job. The end result will be the best music, as opposed to simply repairing it so it will play again.

Most of what is spent on good electronics and ancillaries is wasted on a driver that cannot perform.
ESS is still in business & probably has a service center or can sell you the driver. My brother replaced his 10" woofers & with ESS being local for us in the sacramento area it wasnt a problem....try or 916-362-4102.
Hope this helps you out
I have a pair of ESS AMT 1 Towers that I just had rebuilt. I found a speaker builder on the Madisound website that was willing to do the work. He designed and built new crossovers and replaced the old 10" woofer with a ScanSpeak 8" mid-woofer. I also use a Velodyne HGS 15 sub, so in effect it's like a three way system. I've heard many of the top brands of speakers ranging from $5000 to $35000. I wouldn't trade my retro-fit ESS speakers for any of them. If you can find someone to do the work, it will cost you about $500 for the parts, plus the labor.
If you just want to replace the original 10" woofers, you can get them from ESS, as mentioned above. I believe that they are about $49 each, and they will have heavier magnets than the originals. I actually purchased a pair a few years ago, before I decided to try to have the system rebuilt.
You have probably repaired your AMT 4's by now.You have to take into consideration that the AMT 4's are rare to find, and worth every penny you can muster to have them repaired. There are very few of them. They are almost as good as the ESS AMT 3 Rock Monitors. The only difference being the AMT 3's uses 2 10" woofers. In spite of the new technology of everything getting smaller,the AMT 4's still sound great;whether playing analogue,or digitized sources. My synopsis: Look in the yellow pages of your city to find more sources. Don't give up on these rare puppies.