ESS 1D's? Or Monitors? Or none...?

A piece of advice here from those who might be familiar with both the older models and also with the actual iteration of these (once) famous speakers:
a) if bought new (Manufacturer seems alive and well...) and have to choose between the "1Ds" and the "Monitors" (slightly more expensive...+$200) which one would be a better choice (regardless of price...);
b) if comparing the old speakers (seventies) with the new
ones, what should one expect?
c) would they be high end, or mid fi, and why? Thanks,

If that "Monitor" is ESS's "Rock Monitor" AMT-3, I'd avoid it at all costs, because the bass "alignment" is the boomiest I've heard at that price.
I had Towers (transmission line model) and the highs and lows didn't integrate well. If I had to do it over again (1974 or so) I'd try the 1Ds but I also remember they ATE power.
Well, power is not an issue (the Gryphon Reference One monos
are driving with ease anything under the Sun...including my
beloved Apogee Scintilla) but I'm curious to try these
unusual speakers for more mundane applications (ocassional
parties, etc.). I'm still unclear how midfi (or worst...?)
the ESS 1D's (in their current availability from the
Manufacture) would be. Any possible hints, comparisson, etc.? Thank you!

I had a pair of the ESS amts a long time ago, sold them and got some kef 104abs. Then, about a year ago, at a sale, I got a pair of the ESS amt1b monitors. I remembered why I got the Kefs, the ESS bass is really bad. The crossover is at 1,000 and the mid/lows go into a 12" driver. I paired the ESS AMTs with an 6" Peerless driver and it sounds great. I am giving away the old boxes with the 12" drivers. I would only use the ESS amts with tubes as they are bright.