ESP Essence powercords? where can I buy?

I have 3 Levinson 436 amps & I was looking to purchase these powercords. Is there anywhere online I can purchase these & what is a fair price to pay for them.

Try in LA. I bought a strip and a cord there on "demo" once. Demos are about $350 for the cords ($500 retail) or abour $750 for the strip ($1000 retail). BTW, these are excellent products and pretty good value as power cords go. One note however: the $500 cords are not very flexible and thus require careful routing.
Wait to buy 'em used on Audiogon. Used gear will almost always cost less when purchased from an individual, as opposed to a dealer. Be patient, these cords (and even the Power Distributor) come up for sale periodically. You should be able to get the 2 meter cords for ~$250. One thing to be careful of is the serial number. Early Essence cords were constructed in the same manner that their "budget" AV cords are currently produced. The Essence cords today are made differently than these original ones. Try to get cords that aren't more than 3 years old.
Hi John:
This is Hen. I have decided to sell 02 power cords instead of 03. Their serial number are 2031 and 1604. Theselling price will be $283 each. I estimate the shiiping charge
2 days FedEx COD ( money order or cashier check) is $30. Therefore the total price is $600. I have this guy bugging me everyday since 3 days now to buy them if you don't want them. I told him that I would give you the first shot, since I Email you first. Please let me know by tommorow. Thank you for your interest.
ohthatsound-I've got one (1) E.S.P. "Essence" to sell, "that guy" is still interested and this party decides to purchase your cords. Email at Thanks.