Esound E5 Signature VS Jolida JD100

Hi ,

I'am interesting to upgrade my Jolida JD100 with a new Esound E5 Signature.

My questions are:

1) The bass of the Esound E5 Signature is more strong then my Jolida JD100 ?

2) What are the tone differences between the Jolida JD100 and then Esound E5 Signature ? The E5 is brighter or are similar ?

Thank you !!
All that I can tell you is that the Jolida sounded terrible in my system. I changed the output tubes to Mullard CV4004s with vast improvement but still preferred my other CDPs. I even liked my lowly Music Hall MMF-25 over the JD100. The sound was always on the "muddier" recessed, and rolled off side of things without the benefit if rich tone to compensate for that failing. Then the transport gave up the ghost and it was one of the least reliable CDPs I owned.
Someone have listen the Esound E5 Signature ?
Hi Marco, I've never heard the Esound. I do own an Underwood Level 1 modified JD 100. I've had the 100 for years and it compares favorably to more expensive players that I own now and in the past. You might consider a mod....
Marco, I have owned both the Jolida JD100 (three in fact, as two were gifts for my older sons) and the Esound E5 Signature. I thought both players were quite good for the money. In my system I did feel the bass was stronger with the Esound. The big difference to me was the look/feel of the Esound compared to the Jolida. The E5 is built like a tank. I hesitate to get into the tone differences between the two as I have old ears, and probably am not qualified to give you a review regarding sonics. If resale is a concern I would go with the Jolida as not all that many people seem to be familiar with the E5 Signature. I think both players were quite enjoyable. Good luck.
Hi Mags5000 ,

If I have understand, the bass of Esound E5 Signature is more strong then the Jolida JD-100. What tubes thare are inside your jolida ?