esoteric x05 vs sa50

Anyone compared the two? I read that SA50 has digital in so that will be pretty future proof, but is it on the same league as x05?
Stay tuned, I will have an answer for you in a few weeks :-)
I purchased the SA-50 with great results after 400 plus hours of burning in.

Prior to the Esoteric SA-50 I was using a BCD1 (Bryston). The Bryston is an excellent RED Book Player with some of the finest musicality toe tapping results. I sold it for the Esoteric because it sounded more silky and I had less listening fatigue. The SA-50 is a well rounded CD/SACD player.

Never tried the x05 though. I hear great things too. Can't go wrong with either one. If the built in DAC option is not for you then I say go for the x05 because less is better in that case. Better transport for the x05.

I am happy and content for now. TIP: use a JPS AC Digital power cord.

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thanks so much for sharing, for me x-05 has better bass, more solid preseantation, but SA-50 has the digital in(and cheaper),tough one! also considering ayre as well, very musical, but cx7e mp is not as detailed as esoteric.
Digital in's did it for me. The added flexability they off surpassed any shortcomings that the CD/SACD might have. I'm really enjoying my SA-50 which is now about 1 month old.
I recently upgraded to the SA-50 from a Krell SACD Standard. Krell is known for its slamming bass but the SA-50 bass is just as slamming and more defined. An awesome upgrade and its now my reference. Synergistic Reseach just came out with footers called MIG's and only cost $150 and were especially made for the SA-50. These footers tighened up the bass and now it slams even more. Synergistic told me while getting ready for CES 2010, they compared the PO3, DO3, and Esoteric Rubidium Clock without MiG's to the SA-50 with MiG's. The SA50 with MiG's beat the PO3, DO3, Rubidium Clock combo hands down.
>>03-31-10: Joeyboynj
The SA50 with MiG's beat the PO3, DO3, Rubidium Clock combo hands down.<<

That's funny.
Esoteric has the best transports in the market. I´m not sure that some "miracle footers" will make a big difference if all. That`s so absurd hype story that it`s even shame to read it.
I am glad someone beat me to it. When I saw that comment I almost fell out of my chair :-) I hate being the first one to flame someone... I guess we all do hear things differently.
Please, do not attack Joeyboynj - he just reported that: " Synergistic told me .." this bulls...t. So, its the company trying to sell their stuff but very unartfully -to put it charitably.

Regarding the footers: I listen to APL HiFi(Alex Peychev) NWO-S1 SACD/CD Player which is based on Esoteric SA-50 transport and may be 10% of its electronics. Next, I heard it with StillPoints "Component Stands" and my jaws dropped. I don;t know percentage of improvment but this rather expensive ($990) stuff worth the money.

Finally, to whoever feel that Esoteric transports (VRDS and VOSR) are immune to vibration - no, sorry; may be less then others but certainly not immune.

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Joeyboynj wasn't attacked IMO.

Speaking only for myself, I was simply laughing at the situation.

Keep in mind his source is the same company selling quantum tunneling, universal speaker cells, carbon resonator cups, and other science fiction nonsense to a very naive and receptive group of buyers.
MIG or not, I don't know...but if you only add the 'cute little clock' in the mix...
SA-50 is on its way, what after market powercord are you using for your sa-50? thanks
Nordost Vishnu.........have not compared it to any others, or even the stock PC, Installed it new with the unit at the time of purchase. Very satisfied with the combo.
"what after market powercord are you using for your sa-50 "

I auditioned APL Hi-Fi player(based on SA-50)with Thunder from Spectron Audio(developed for very powerful amps). Excellent combo and the least expensive power cord in that class of performance.

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many thanks for the advice, I'm breaking in my SA-50 using Audience powerchord e-version, plenty of detail and top notch sound quality, at first i worry the sound might get too lean, but it turns out just right.
honestly i am not familiar with Spectron audio, but i'm open to any make of cables in the market really.
"...honestly i am not familiar with Spectron audio.. "

John Ulrick their chief designer was co-founder of Infinity in 70's and I am sure you heard about their speakers..

As I understand, after selling Infinity he went mostly into Pro Audio designing digital amplification. Recently, with addition of Simon Thacher, who is trained concert pianist, they went seriously into audiophile market and their amp, Musician III got many awards including Best Sound at CES etc etc.

They see their cables as the extension of their amplifier: see for yourself -

Good Luck