Esoteric x series as transports

Hi all

Does anyone uses an Esoteric x series integral player as a transport ?
I own an x-05 and wonder if anyone found an outboard dac that improve overall presentation (although very good as an integral unit).

thanks to all repliers.
Hi Icorem. Nice system!!!

I have not heard the X5, but i have heard the X-01SE in my system as a transport. i preferred my Zanden DAC to the built-in DAC. probably a personal preference. That said, i definitely felt the X-series transport is sensational.

Depending on what you are looking for: SCarlatti DAC, Zanden DAC, MSB DAC (by reputation...never heard), Vekian DAC are all very, very expensive but also very very good. you may wish to try and see if you like them enough to go outboard DAC. good luck and pls keep up posted.
I have an X-03SE and a Berkeley Dac. I've used it as a transport, and its great. I think I prefer the x-03 by itself rather than through the berkeley (though the esoteric doesn't do hdcd but the berkeley does and the sound is absolutely stunning). I think it has more air and detail. It is a great transport but it will cost you alot of money to get a better dac thank whats inside already, plus, you need an excellent cable (I used the tara labs the one digidal).
When you already have a high end player with quality dacs why would you want to alter the designer's intended sound?
i believe its called the never ending pursuit of perfection...;)! to be fair, i think the x5 is an excellent piece of equipment, and while there probably are DACs icorem might prefer...they will be expensive and require an expensive digicable as well.
I am coming at this question from the opposite side of the equation. I have an Audio Note Dac3.1x being fed by a Mac Mini. I have a 100 or so SACD's gathering dust (but seemingly gaining in value)

I have been oscillating between staying with the "organic flow" presentation of a CEC/Forsell type transport which seems to be the natural partner with the non-upsampeling Audio Note philosophy and the Esoteric X series transports where I get an SACD player thrown in.

Sure would like to spend a few nights experimenting but I live in an audiophile desert. Anybody in North Georgia with an x-05?
Lokie: The CEC / Forsell (as well as Teac/ Esoteric transports) + AN dac combo create superb sound. I strongly recommend you follow that route -- it sounds very good. As a reference I usually listen to a Vitus Signature cd player.

To accommodate those sacd's, look for a reasonably priced integrated (used Lindemann, Magnat, Sony, etc).

I mean, you're not going to spend an incremental $6k for the Esoterics just to accommodate 10 sacd's are you:)

I could not answer Foster9 question more accurately - just seeking audio nirvana.From all repliers it seems that improving on the x-05 internal dac will cost more that the unit itself.
Hi Icorem,

Yes, i think you could be right...but what you might try is power cables, or your IC, or isolation. the wave kinetics A10-U8 is supposedly stunning for isolation...not cheap...but much cheaper than a new DAC. these may help improve your x5 even further. good luck!..and enjoy an already great sounding player!
I also feel you will increase performance more effectively by upgrading power cord, IC's (you gotta run it balanced for best sound), RCA caps for the unused, good isolation (I use Cera Pucs), line conditioner, etc. Cost a few grand but still cheaper than what you were thinking. And, if you don't already have - dedicated ac line.
Agree with Cerrot.