Esoteric X-03se owners - feedback please

I was hoping if owners of this cdp (or even those who auditioned it) could give me your feedback and thoughts. I am interested in hearing what you think are the player's strengths/weaknesses. How would you characterize the sound? What do you like most about it? Any issues/complaints?

Thank you
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Tboooe, if you go to my thread entitled, Reference DACS: An overall perspective, you will get alot of information on the Esoteric gear's sonic signature.

Everytime I have auditioned an Esoteric piece, I have admired their details, trasparency, slam, etc., but found them somewhat not as "musical/organic" as other digital gear. All my auditions were only with redbook CD, since that's all I care about.

I would recommend, if your budget is around $5000.00 to $7000.00, and your after a CDP not seperates, to put on your audition list the Accustic Arts CDP-1 MK2. In the recent edition of HIFI>plus, it was given a great thumbs up and was compared with CDP's that sell for over $10000.00. Accustic Arts build quality is first rate, it also is very attractive "eye candy". After a lenghty audition period, that included Esoteric pieces, I chose the Accustic Arts dac/transport reference pieces that are a pleasure to listen to and were as good as anything I tried up to $30000.00 in price. As you know I have Pass Labs XA-100's driving my system, so I know the Accustic Arts digital gear would be a great match with your Pass Labs XA-160's.

By the way, when are you going to stop messing around with tube preamps and audition either a Placette active or Bent Tap transformer based passive in your system? Just kidding you, somewhat, reading about all the hassles with the BAT that you are going through. I still think you ought to try one of these out in your system, before you make a final choice.
thanks teajay! I have read your review and enjoyed it very much. I will definitely check out the Accustic Arts. As for my ordeal with preamps...I guess I am just a glutton for punishment! Seriously, I will make it a goal to check out the Placette and other passive preamps. I definitely do not want to get rid of my xa160 amps.
Looking for opinions. I currently have the Esoteric X-03, and am trying to decide whether to send it back to TEAC for the SE upgrade, or to Move up to the X-01 Limited. What I really would like to do is wait until I can snag a used X-01 D2 but $$$ limits a move in that direction. ANy opinions as to whether the sonic improvements warrent a move to the X-01 Limited or should I just get the X-03 I own upgraded to the S version. Thanx!
danamc, if I was you I would instead consider having your player modded by one of the reputable aftermarket companies like Reference Audio Mods. I think for the money you would get more bang for your buck. Supposedly, according to RAM, a full upgrade to the X-03 which costs $2700 will exceed even the X01 Ltd. I have never used them but others have with good results.