Esoteric X-03SE: Balanced or Single-Ended Out?

An amplification change means I have to relocate equipment in my entertainment center. Since I will need to replace the interconnects between my Esoteric X-03SE and Audio Research LS-26 I can go either balanced or single-ended. Prior to the shakeup I used single-ended cables with good results. Has anyone compared the results using the two different outputs? Right now I'm running balanced between amp and preamp so I'm leaning in that direction--but I'm open to suggestions.

If your preamp and amp are both fully differential balanced, then running
balanced from your source will likely sound best due to a lower noise floor.
However, if either your preamp or amp are not fully differential balanced, then
there may be little sonic difference between the XLR and RCA outputs on your
source (there may be little difference anyway...).

The best suggestion is to try both ways if you have the cabling to do so (same
brand and model of interconnect).
ARC preamps usually like using the XLR's sounds better.
I have tried both in my Esoteric X-03se. I found that there was an increse in volume going balanced. Noise, hiss, etc was essentially the same since I was using 1 meter cables. I do use single ended now, and am totally satisfied. BTW I use an ARC/Esoteric combo and am very happy.
Thanks folks. I ordered up a set of balanced IC's and we will see how they compare with the singled ended version of the same cables (Empirical Design ED-422's).