Esoteric x-03 versus audio research cd7?

I'm looking for a cd player and i'am considering these two units. Has anyone done a direct comparison?
I'll chime in even though I cannot answer the question you have asked. My search for a new cd player ended with an Esoteric X-03Se a few months ago. I would have considered the ARC since I have an SP16 and 150.2 but my setup would not allow a top loading player. As a result, I never auditioned the ARC CD7. I am sure it is a great player as many have stated here. Having said that, I am very well pleased with my Esoteric. It took a while to break in but the sound quality is simply phenomenal. Everything is there and presented in a very musical manner. The VRDS-NEO transport is, IMHO, the best in the industry and the player is built like a tank. If you decide to go in that direction email me off line and I can hook you up with the dealer I worked with who will save you some money as well.
Dodge, by any chance did you audition a Lexicon RT20?
Psacanli: Sorry, not one of the players I checked into before purchasing the Esoteric. One other thing I might mention about the X-03se is that it is a very accurate and detailed player so I would be careful running it in any system that is either tipped up or has lesser gear that may magnify or distort what is being fed into it. The X-03se is really a world class player that deserves to be mated with like components. Mine are barely up to the task.
Can I ask you how much you ended up paying for the x-03se from your dealer?