Esoteric X 03 Power Cord and Interconnect Recommen

Associated equipment: Jeff Rowland Synergy pre amp & 501 amps. B&W 802D speakers. I am currently using Cardas Golden Cross IC and Custom Power Cord Model 11 on all equipment.
I moved from the Golden Cross to Golden Ref and have stuck with them ever since.
Have also had good luck with Shunyata vX cords on digital front ends.
You have great equipment. The Esoteric's are killer. I love my DV50. For power and interconnects, the best you can get. Rowland gear seems to like Cardas. I've owned Golden Cross and Golden Reference, and liked the GR better.

You might consider Purist Venestas, Opis, or Dominus for Interconnect. Purist Dominus for Power. I seem to like this in my system and on my Esoteric better than the Cardas or Transparent Ref w/xl. I've all all of these, so it's from personal experience.

Good luck!
Shunyata alpha series power cord works great with my X01.
Electraglide Epiphany X for Player and Venustas or Dominus
for Pre or Amp
Charles Hansen of Ayre posted on AA that he likes the Cardas Golden on his Ayre sources. I've tried the Silent Source and Cardas GR on my X-03, but have a Black Sand Violet and a Cardas Golden on the way. At present I really like the Cardas Golden Reference on the X-03. Smooth and black background to die for.