Esoteric X-03

Has anyone heard the X-03, and if so, could you please share your thoughts?

I am considering - JUST considering - an upgrade over my heavily modified Music Hall Maverick, which is a superb player in its own right. I have no interest in multichannel and therefore don't wish to pay the extra for, say, an X-01. Budget is about $6K (net after Maverick sale). Any further suggestions at or below this figure? Thanks very much in advance.
There is the Esoteric UX-3 Universal Player for about $8,000. There is only one Esoteric choice if your budget is $6,000 and that is the Esoteric DV-50S Universal player. Since you are not interested in multichannel sound, this unit may not be for you, unless you want to watch DVD movies as well as play CDs.