Esoteric X-01 vs K-05...

I'm in the market for a new CD/SACD player to replace my ageing Modwright 999ES. I've been looking at used Esoteric's (K-05 or K-03). The K-05 is more in line with budget realities. I have noticed a couple of older Esoteric
X-01's for sale. Just wondering if the X-01 would still be considered a viable choice these days. Has anyone had a chance to compare an X-01 to a K-05. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't heard the X-01, the K-05 is a very good sounding player.  What I have read is that the X series are a little lean sounding, the K series are richer or more musical.  Which of these would work best for you I can't say.

how do you like your Modwright 999ES ? Can you suggest it to another audiophile?

The Modwright 999ES is a good player IMO,especially at the prices you can pick one up today. It more on the musical side of the spectrum but you can adjust the sound a bit by swapping out tubes and or power cords. Dan is still supporting this unit as well, so if anything does go wrong he'll be there. There is a Modwright for sale right now for $1000
(not mine) and I think you'll be hard pressed to find a better player at that price.