Esoteric X-01 power cord

I currently use a Wolff Bohica power cord on my Esoteric x-01 and, lovely though it is in many ways, I'd like to try and get some extra weight and body into the low and mid frequency ranges. I suspect this may require a heavy guage, possibly copper cord. What do other owners use and does anyone have any recommendations?

I'm thinking you need to experiment with speaker placement and such. Power cords are not going to give you a big boost and you already have a very substantial cord...

You might want give the Shunyata Python cx a try. I like it alot on my cd player and was using the same wolff pc before.
Mark, With all due respect, if a power cord can change a particular range of frequency output of a CD player, there is something very wrong with the design of that equipment.

A well designed equipment, particularly at this ultra high-end level, the power supply should be able to filter out any noise picked up by the power cord and to provide clean power to the internal components. If it can't, why should it cost so much?

You have a player that (pick a percent) of the audio world cannot easily afford and should be killer. I would love to listen to ANY esoteric player.

Looking for weight and body? if you do not have vinyl, go listen to some music played by turntables with good records you might be surprised.

Have Fun
Colesey , To me a Power cord and interconnects are all part of the equation. They can make a big difference.
The Wolf cords always seemed lean to me.
First though ...
What is your Preamp and Amp?
What Interconnects?

I found that all things matter.
Don't waste your money on a power cord.Try a spare computer power cord and you shouldn't hear any difference.Maybe a different preamp may match up better if that could be a problem.Especially if your old CD player had that warm characteristic,a preamp with the same warm sound may fit your needs.Stereophile says that CD/SACD player was on the cool side.So a warm preamp or amp may help.Link>>>[]
A bigger gauge might help, but I think the plated plugs are the culprit. For a "fuller" presentation I'd suggest you take a listen to a copper Kaplan cable. The pure copper wire and unplated pure copper plugs render a full bass with a rich midrange. The highs are clean and extended, though perhaps not as "sparkly" as some plated plugs or cords may render.

I've found, in general, that cords that focus on "sparkly", up-front highs can tend to sound lean.

And unlike some here, PCs have a big impact on sonics in my system, and my equipment has no design flaws. As you are aware, with a hi-rez system itÂ’s easy to discern PC differences.
Could it be the placebo effect?It cost more so it must sound better.
My observations have been that power cords have more effect on components with less than optimal power supply designs. Esoteric does not have less than optimal power supply design.

I own an Esoteric UX-3Pi, and I have tried several very expensive power cords on my Esoteric, and the results have been very, very subtle.

Frankly, if you're seeking a different tonality from your Esoteric, I believe you're going to have to change sources. Esoteric is neutral, neutral, neutral. Wire won't change the Esoteric "house sound".

IMO, you're better off allocating your Esoteric power cord dollars elsewhere in your system.
I would agree that you most likely need to look at a different source (for example, my Wadia 861se modified by GNSC is exemplary with regard to what you are looking for).
......and off we go ! Try the Purist Audio 20th Anniversary Contego power cord....I also have Esoteric gear and like the match....but YMMV...just my opinion...but computer cords ...placebo effect- please
I have the X03SE with a Shunyata Python Vx Alpha PC and am very happy. The PC made my background quieter, thus increasing dynamics. I'm a big power cable,interconnect, speaker cable believer, but I don't necessarilly think cables will give you more "weight", unless the cables you currently have are just so far from neutral, and, as previously mentioned, lean. Are you using balanced out or single ended? I think the SE are not as "meaty" as the balanced. You haven't mentioned any other of your components-that would help (it could just be too many things not giving you what you want-that is a GREAT CD player!). Could be speaker placement, room, preamp, speakers, amps-you name it. Alot of fun work to do.
Thanks all for your (mostly) helpful suggestions.

I intentionally kept the details of my system quiet, firstly, because you're unlikely to have experience of them (UK cottage industry manufacturer, which have been extensively tweaked) and, secondly, because I recently heard another digital source (computer based) in my system deliver that extra body / fullness I now realise is missing.

There's been a couple of mentions of Shunyata cables and I've had a few many years ago (Python / Anaconda vx & alpha / KC v1 & 2). I do recall the Python and KCv1 having a very full sonic signature which could work well for me now. I'm also going to borrow a couple of warm sounding cords from a friend this weekend to try out.

The point Mooglie raised about plating metal is a good one. I've had most of the oyaide plugs and their sonic signatures differ quite noticeably. Given that these all fit the acrolink carbon barrels on my Bohica, then maybe I'll try some swapping around to see if that nudges me in the right direction. Sometimes a number of small tweaks can make all the difference.

Thanks once again for taking the time to share your thoughts,
Cerrot - yes I'm using the balanced outputs.
To add "weight and body" to the sound you are getting you need to think about more substantive changes to your system. Changing the power cord to your Esoteric ain't gonna get you there. Speakers? Electronics? An different CD player? Yes. Power cord--No.
I have owned X-01 for over 3 years.. . first the original and then the Limited version. I have used a few different power cords on it with differing results, but not enormously so, probably because of the excellent quality of X-01's front end.

Cords that I have particularly enjoyed on it are in descending order:

Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha -- quite extended with very fine grain, very controlled, very little or no residual glare, high degree of harmonic exposure, fine macro and micro dynamics.
Furutech High End Performance (a custom wire available from Furutech importer Elite Audio Imports) -- This is essentially a very high grade bulk wire terminated with Furutech's best OEM terminations. Extremely close to Anaconda Alpha Helix. . . perhaps with marginally less resolution.
Furutech Evolution II -- Still a magnificent wire , perhaps 70% of the resolution of the Furutech HEP above. See my review of the Evolution II series at:

Wires that I have not particularly enjoyed on X-01 are:

Cardas Golden Reference -- Will work in a pinch. Not the most extended, with a little glare in the mid treble and some overpressure in the mid bass.
Purist Anniversary -- Good wire but somewhat colored, with several anomalies of overpressure in a few regions. Less extended than Furutech and Shunyata Alpha. IMO overpriced for my results on this particular application.
Shunyata Anaconda Helix VX -- Do not apply this wire to X-01. It contains filtering FeSi pellets that are designed to filter hash for older stereotypically hard sounding CDps. Unfortunately it also filters the X-01 ability to reproduce very low level detail. The effective is that of covering music with an almost protective-like laquer that hides detail and occasionally adds some glare. . . like most real laquers.
Elrod Statement (original version) -- probably a PC meant only for hi power applications. Very big and bold sound, but not the most extended in the treble, only a moderate amound of low level detail, and a somewhat wild and uncontrolled bass.

I may soon try the new Furutech PowerFlux top of the line PC on my X-01 Limited. . . will let you know.

I do agree that before spending money on power cords, you may want to ensure that speaker positioning is optimized. Upgrading PCs is an expensive way to compensate for a shortcoming which can be at least partially addressed for free.

After trying several different cords,you may wear out that anti-corrosive plating on your contacts.Then the corrosion will start creating a problem you never had before.You may end up worse of.
I also have an Esoteric X-01 player. I use the magic cord from Harmonic Technology (OCC Silver). This is a superb cord that provides everything (details, weight, and sound stage extension). It brings to life the details I was not hearing with other power cord like Shunyata. Most importantly, try to change your fuses with audiophile fuses. I use silver fuses from hi-fi tuning (4*2A slow blow and small size and 1*4A slow blow and small size). They represent the best investment you can make and bring your Esoteric to become an even more outstanding player! I am so pleased now with this configuration, everything is so lively, detailed, and deep when compared with my old shunyata system with no change in fuse.