Esoteric X-01 limitted or Meridian 808?

Both players have been noted as having an "elegant" sound. Both players are listing (used) for about the same $. I listen primarliy on redbook so I don't want to get into the DVD-A vs SACD argument. Has anyone done a direct comparison and favored one over the other? My present player is a Cary 306/200 and I want to make sure that whatever purchase I make will elevate over the Cary.
I used to own the Cary (I now own the Esoteric) and would caution that the Esoteric sound is much different from that of Cary. If you like the Cary sound you should probably look elsewhere. I previously owned the Cary 303/300 and 306SACD. I have owned the Esoteric X-03SE and now own the P-03/D-05 combo. the Cary's are nice sounding players with incredible bass. To my ears, the Esoteric is much more dynamic and detailed. I am not saying that the Esoteric bass is lacking, but that is not what first strikes you when listening to it. I am constantly amazed at the level of detail the Esoteric is able to retrieve. To me, it is these details that plays a major role in creating a sense of realism and the "being there" experience. Anyway, just my thoughts.
Was the much difference between the esoteric x-03 and the p-03/d-05 combo?
I can only comment on the X-03 versus the P-03/D-03 but it wasn't in the same league, the combo was significantly better than than the X-03, much less the X-01, in every aspect. At the pricepoint though, if you have to have a new player then the X-03 is a good value. However, I would recommend you think about picking up a used Wadia 850/861 and have it modded by Great Northern Sound Co.; the performance of the modded unit should be far superior to a stock X-03.
budt, of course performance and its associated value is all subjective. That being said, I thought the improvement over the X-03se was worth the money (though I may have more money than sense!). To my ears, the P3/D5 did a much better job of separating the instruments and notes. Everything sounded more distinguished, versus a mass of sound. Additionally, I thought the sound was more refined, and liquid, more like analog. Dont get me wrong, the X-03se is a great player. The one both systems share is their incredible ability to retrieve detail. I am consistently amazed at what I am hearing.

I guess the bottom line is if you have a system that can take advantage of the extra performance of the P3/D5 and more importantly do you have the ability and desire to hear the differences.
I'm also in the Esoteric camp as I believe their transport mechanism gives them the edge in retriving information from the silver discs.

If you want to go for single box, go for the X01, if 2 boxes (for more than a single digital source), the P5/D5 is a great combo. Careful setup is required, but it does give you the option to "upgrade" (if you are so inclined) with their superclocks.