Esoteric X-01 D2

Hello,I have just taken delivery of my new player X-01 D2 and intend running this in for the next two weeks before evalaluation I will be using it in conjunction with Levinson pre 326s and two Levinson dual mono amps,one amp to each Revel F50a.
OK so what's your question?
Hi Alwyn.
I have just received the new D2 in conjunction with my 320s, Lamm ref. 1.2 and Revel Studio. On display there are 3 modes you can select:
multi bit
1 bit

Do you know how these 3 option works?

Piero from Italy close to Milan.
Sorry so late in replying,I have only just seen your question,and I am sure you have worked this out by now
Right Alwyn, but what is your question? If there isn´t any, I would be glad to hear about your experiences with the Esoteric, and what you compared it to.
Florian Hassel
I would also like to hear your thoughts on the d2. I have the X03se which I absolutely love. I am seriously considering upgrading to the P3 D3 combo. I wonder if the X01D2 sounds as good as the P3 D3 combo....