Esoteric UX 3 Universal Player

Anyonme have first hand experience with this player? I read the reviews but would like to hear from anyone who has actually heard and used the player.
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Tried it in my system and found it to be very good. I felt it had excellent detail (in keeping with the brand), great soundstage and very clean deep and detailed bass. It was musically engaging and had just enough warmth for my taste. I think it is similar to the X03 which is a wonderful player. All CD players can give trouble (more than other audio components) but Esoteric is amongst the most reliable, in my opinion.
Have it for 3 years and not going to upgrade - great player. I use it for audio only.

Did you have to change any of the audio settings in the set up menu or did you leave everything at factory defaault? I will be using this player for audio playback only as well. I am picking it up on Saturday.

I love my UX-3. I turn off the video for audio playback, a simple push of a button. I did recently have it skip on a few dual disc sacd, sent it in for warranty service, I purchased it as a demo unit almost two years ago. Esoteric could not reproduce the problem but they replaced all of the things that might be at fault, updated firmware and tested and cleaned everything else. Took two weeks from when I dropped it off at my audio dealer. I could not be happier. I also use it for audio only.
I really can't wait to get it and I got an unbelieveable deal. The Esoteric dealer told me it is one of the top 3 players they have ever made. He said it is leagues above my prior DV 50 and my present SA 10. Picking it up Saturday morning.
I will also say that the video at 1080i is fantastic. I no longer use the video
but when I did I did not miss anything from my blu-ray.