Esoteric UX-1 Mk2 or UX-1 Pi? Please help to identify my unit.

Question to Esoteric owners/experts:
I just got Esoteric UX-1 player, however it has HDMI output and not DVI.
On the back there is a small sticker "Mk2"
Instead of TEAC it says SELEPAS!
The rest is looks like UX-1 player. Either I have Pi prototype or upgraded UX-1 or what?
Appreciate any inputs and thoughts.
Thank you.

PS. And yes, it sounds amazing!
I have a UX-3 player.  Take a picture of the back panel and provide a link to it.
Here is the link:

You have a later model UX-1, enjoy it.
Interesting. I can't find any information about UX-1 Mark 2 on any website. Also, what is SELEPAS?

Apparently, Selepas is TEAC subsidiary: