Esoteric used or new?

Hi Everyone,

looking to upgrade my DAC, as some have said my NAD is not good enough, I have an opportunity to purchase a used Esoteric D02 for about $7500 or a new D05x for $13K with a discount if I am serious. My question is, the D02 was and still is a great piece but is the newer technology better even with a lower model. Maybe D02 is too good for my system?My room is open concept with glass windows down one side so not ideal room and no room treatments other than floor rug and furniture, as it is my living room. An insight would be appreciated and no I do get an opportunity to demo. I stream music

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thanks Greg

From what I read,  Dacs are evolving at a pretty good clip and that newer less expensive Dacs can sound as good as or better than older more expensive Dacs.  Unless you can hear those expensive Dacs in your system and love the sound, I advise doing some research into less expensive options (you can find a lot in these forums) and definitely listen to any Dacs you can to learn about the different sounds available.  For example, ladder dacs (also called non oversampling or NOS) vs delta sigma chips.  
Try and listen to the new Bricasti M3 DAC. Heard it @ Axpona this year and though it pretty amazing especially compared to it's bigger brother the M1
That’s a lot of money to be spending without being able to audition the equipment.  I’m sure that either piece will sound good, but as a value per dollar, it’s quite possible that you could do much better.
  I have never heard an Esoteric DAC, so Please keep that in mind.
Esoteric has a pride of ownership following that commands a premium in prices.  The DACs that I have had recently are the Mytek Manhattan and the Bryston DAC3, both of which can be had for less than half the price of the older Esoteric that you are considering, and which are both are superb.  Benchmark and Chord are two other companies that I would consider.   DACs have really improved in the last several years, and my bias is that the older Esoteric will probably be bested by any piece that I just referenced.  It would be nice to be able to audition to find out.
  Another consideration is your room which you have described as suboptimal.  DACs are just starting to come out which employ room correction technology.  I suspect in a few years there will be more of these and of better quality.  You may want to spend less this time around on one of the brands mentioned and await developments.  Chances are that the DAC you purchase now may satisfy your needs completely but saving some cash now might leave you room for flexibility in the near future 
Esoteric are very very good, I heard the 10 k dac I think , at Music direct,