Esoteric Transports matched with different DA's

Any issues or comments on using Esoteric transports with other manufacturers D/A's.....have heard in my travels that they should only be set up with Esoteric's D/A's
I have had stunning results w/DCS Elgar Plus and Esoteric.

I've used a SA 60 with several high end dac's (mostly with a reimyo 999) and it does just fine. Needs a good power cord (my personal choice is a audio tekne) and it was only bettered by the $9000 reimyo transport.
Garebear - sorry to say, but I think you were misinformed. The Esoteric transports will work with most any DACs.

I currently am using my Esoteric modded UX-1P1 as a transport only for an APL-modded Denon 3910 with amazing results. The Denon has just been outfitted with AKM 32-bit DACs, new clock, wiring, and E182cc class A Tube output stage by Alex Peychev. The amazing part is that it sounds noticeably better than the UX-1 with my Esoteric Rubidium clock (which sounded great, btw) - more organic, better imaging, separation, soundstage depth, air around the instruments, etc. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't hearing it.

Good Luck to you.
The P-70 (mine is modded) is phenomenal with dCS Scarlatti gear!
I had an X01 with Audiologic DAC. Works great
Hello. I'm using an Esoteric P0s with an Audio Note 4.1X Balanced DAC...stunning!