Esoteric transport mechanisms

Is there anyone out there who knows the differance between the VRDS-Neo VMK-5 transport Esoteric uses in some of its own products and the VRDS-Neo UMK-5 transport used in products by other suppliers like dCS, Soulution, Audio Aero etc?

Will the UMK-5 read DVD-A and output it in 24/192? I know that most products using this mechanism does not support DVD-A playback but doesn't mean that the mechanism can't read those discs. It could be a lisencing issue. My hope would be that the UMK-5 does read DVD-A because then it should be pretty easy to find the unused contact on the board and attatch it to an output.

All Esoteric VRDS-NEO transports can process DVD-A and video, so it is a matter of enabling these features through software/firmware.

Unfortunately, although the DVD processors are on board, there is no way enabling DVD-A due to licensing issues.

Alex Peychev
Thanks Alex,

Great info!

The specifics I am looking for is if it somehow possible to modify an Orpheus Labs Privelige SACD Transport which is using the VRDS-Neo UMK-5 mechanism to read DVD-A and output 24/192. Standard this product only reads SACD and CDs and resamples both to 24/192 PCM before output. If the standard mechanism UMK-5 is DVD-A compatible I hoped it could be just a matter of connecting unused circuitry not used by Orpehus Labs due to DVD-A lisencing matters.

I hear that DVD-A will need another internal clock than CD and SACD because of another frequency, so it probably is not likely that such a clock is inside the product since this functionality is not used?

Maybe that is a matter of modification too?

Thanks again Alex,
Dear Alex,

I forgot to add this question - there is nothing in the hardward/software which stops me from enabling this DVD-A capability by modifying my own product if this functionality exists in the software/hardware already and it is a matter of enabeling unused functionality? I mean there is nothing in there which will stop the 24/192 output because I have no personal DVD-A lisence?

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