Esoteric SA-60 ver Wadia 850?

I have an Esoteric SA-60 and am very pleased with its performance but would like a player with a digital input. I would like to try the wadia at about the same price range. I do like the SACD feature of my SA-60. Any words of wisdom? Or possible trades?
I had an 850 to replace my 830 I was speaking to Wadia about having my 830 repaired (transformer hum) before I sold it. I was balking at the price, and explained to the tech I was just fixing it to sell. He told me to keep the 830 and sell the 850 because it WILL break (his emphasis), and there might not be any parts left to fix it by then. Sure enough, the drawer started making funny sounds a while later. It was a gear. They use plastic gears which wear out. Mine was GNSC, and Steve had parts and was able to repair it very quickly and reasonably. If you check the ads, many of them will mention that they have had their transport rebuilt. The lesson is that half-inch thick platework doesn't mean it's built like a tank on the inside.
Esoteric brand ARE in fact built like tanks on the inside too.
Perhaps. I know both use versions of the VRDS transport (or at lest used to). I don't know if any of hte Esoteric models use the same transport as the 850, but if so, watch out. I don't know how you find out. I know I was shocked to find out about the 850.