Esoteric SA-60 or Arcam 139 for 2CH Hi Rez Audio o

I'm in the market for an SACD / DVD-Audio player for my stereo system. I'm not concerned about video performance at all. I have a budget of about €5000. As far as I can see the main players available in my region (Ireland) for this budget:

- Arcam DV 139
- Esoteric SA-60

Of these two players which is going to give me better 2 channel audio performance?

Are there any other players I should be considering at this price level? (Unfortunately The AYRE C5XE is approx €6000 over here so is over budget)

Thanks for the help.

Hughie, I have not heard the ARCAM but I do own the Esoteric P3D5 combo. By far, the Esoteric to me is the most detailed and dynamic cdp I have ever owned. I am constantly amazed at the level of low level detail and nuance the Esoteric is able to extract from the cd. My good friend has the Ayre cdp and while the Ayre and Esoteric do sound remarkably similar, I preferred the Esoteric because of its bass and build quality.

Good luck!
It depends on what your sonic pref is.
Arcam - not as deep and not as impactful in the bass, more laid back overall, sort of reserved as far as dynamics.
Esoteric - detailed, resolving, dynamic and very good bass.

Really, truly the two players are not in the same league. The Esoteric is better built and sounds so much better. That Arcam 139 is the best one they have ever made IMHO, but it really is not anywhere near the Esoteric. I own a Arcam 135 for my HT and a Esoteric sa-10 for 2 channel.
Hope that helps.
Thanks for the responses. Brm1 How much better is the SA-10 than the Arcam for CD /SACD playback?

I cant answer your question on sacd, I did not compare them.
As far as cd goes there is no comparison the Esoteric best the Arcam in everyway. More detail,better soundstage, better bass,more musical etc.
Hope that helps.
Many of the rooms at the RMAF 2007 used Esoteric sources to promote their products. I think that gives an easy answer to the question.