Esoteric SA-10 versus X-01D2, Hellp?

I would like to know if someone listened these two cd/sacd players, and how much is better the flag ship X-01D2, I listened only the SA-10, well it was not burned yet but it does not impresioned , so I have doubt in buy one X01D2, I live in a city that I can not listen it. Thanks
I have an Esoteric SA-10.It took around 300 hours before it started to sound better to me in redbook than my modded (teflon caps)Electrocompaniet ECM 1UP. Not an easy feat as I love the electro. At the beginning the eso wasn't close to as good as the electro.Couldn't draw me in to save itself but that sucker's sound started to evolve and open and warm up.Amazing how the soundstage went from small to large in 150 hours.
SACD's put the player in a different league altogether. You must give this player the brake in time to hear what it can do before any conclusions can be drawn.
I am curious how auditioning the entry level Eso will help evaluate their top of the line single box.