Esoteric SA-10 SA-60

Hello all, I am considering either of these players. Any opinions on which one sounds better? Or any ideas on an equal?
Thanks for the info Brm1. I heard a Musical Fidelity A5CD today and was very impressed. Have you ever heard one? If so how would you rate it to the Esoteric?. It was not SACD but for that quality of sound I would consider going CD only.
I used to own a MF A5 .What a load of marketing hype on that ting. Don't walk away from this unit , instead run as far and as fast as you can from it.
Somehow Esoteric units sound "different" from other manufacturer's digital sources. There's more detail and a certain musically "correct" balance which I attribute primarily to their transport/lens mechanism.
Thanks for the input everyone. Budt, what was your experience with the MFA5? Did you have a failure or just bad sound. Also I will audition the SA-60.