Esoteric SA-10 Drawer issues

I love my Esoteric SA-10. I've had it since November 2007. Lately the drawer gets stuck half way upon opening or closing. Powering it off and then on sometimes resolves it along with a little nudge. Has anyone else had this problem?
I'm bringing it in for service today.
I have only had mine for about a month so far. Purchased used here on Audiogon (although like new). I absolutely love this player! Maybe 500 hours on it total. No issues so far with the drawer on mine.

Please post after the problem is fixed as to what Esoteric had to say about it.
Well a week later and Sound by singer claims they can't get it to "misbehave".
They want me to bring in the remote which I don't think is the issue since I rarely used the remote at home. To be continued
Any further word on the SA-10 drawer problem?