Esoteric Question - is the new Grandioso K1x that much better than the Esoteric K-01xd ?

Hello Audiogoners - I hope all is well. If anyone has stepped up from their Esoteric K-01xd to the Esoteric Grandioso K1X player, I am curious what the sonic differences were ? It would appear or does appear that the changes in the circuitry as well as have the same new Atlas Transport mechanism that the players are very similar except for their price. Let me know your thoughts and I am not interested in any player or other companies. Thank you in advance and stay well and safe.

Yes  it really is.

I recently upgraded my 4 month old K-01XD for the new K1X.

 Way better layering , harmonics,wider and depper soudstage  with very obvious bass improvement , speed and impact.

Hard to believe as the K-01XD was the best one box sacd player that I ever heard, as it bettered, by a fair amount ,  my P03/ D/03 /G0s clock combo I had before it.

 The K-01 XD is exceptional and better than all previous Esoteric machines with a totally different sound. Much more organic and musical than previous Esoteric products.

......But the KIX is in a different league !

Hello drdavid - thank you and you and I have spoken before r on adding the G-0 clock to my K01xd and you were correct that the G-0 clock was incompatible. So now I am now looking at taking that money and upgrading to the K1x player. So, that big of a difference.... thank you and stay safe.

I was in somewhat similar boat. I have k-01xd and was thinking to upgrade to k1x. But I am going to see how it sounds with esoteric g-02x clock which as arrived. 

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I have been using Esoteric K-01XD with G-02X master clock since past 3-4 days. The improvement is definitely not subtle. It is not going to make jaw dropping change: that is not what it is meant. Simple way of summarizing is that it makes good change in every spectrum: Adds a little sparkle to highs, little sweetness in the mids and the lows are more deep, controlled and tight. There was increase in the soundstage (vertical more than wide). A sense of air around instruments also makes this very special. It makes your DAC get better by at least 15-20%. I have not heard K1X but I was told by dealer that K1X was better than K-01XD + G-02X. Not sure about K-01XD + G-01X (more expensive masterclock) compared to K1X. 

Of note, I am using same masterclock with aurender N20 and the improvement is big. I am waiting on new masterclock BNC cables to arrive to use it with etheregen switch and SOTM Snh-10g. 

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I have k-01xd which is CD player with dac. N-01xd is network player with streamer (which is not what I have). 
with regard to network switch, yes, having 2-3 switches makes it better. I had tried with single and then went up with benefit each step up. Have router > sotm snh 10-g > etheregen via fiber optic > English electric 8s > ENO acoustics 

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I am the OP on this post and just wanted to follow up and add some additional information. I did end up pulling the trigger on the Esoteric Grandioso K1x player and yes it was worth it. However, the K-01xd that I traded in was no slouch. It is a very good single cox CD player. The Grandioso is a big leap forward in clarity, musicality and overall presentation. So, to me and my system the change was significant.