Esoteric P05/D05/G0-RB

When connected to each other, both transport and DAC indicate that the external clock is locked and operational.
When I switch off the transport, DAC still locks on the external clock.
When I connect my DVD transport (Theta Carmen 2) via XLR to XLR in 1 on DAC, the DAC does not lock on the external clock. I have tried many settings since I think that this is probably a settings problem, but have not succeeded in having the external clock lock on the DAC in this configuration.
From the manuals, I believe that this should be possible. What am I doing wrong? Perhaps I should use the universal out to the D05 when using the DVD transport? Perhaps other settings need to be made?

I believe that what you are observing is the way that the P05/D05 is designed to work when using an external word clock. I used to own the P03/D03/G0s stack and I experienced exactly what you are seeing. I read somewhere that there is some way that the DAC can tell if whatever transport is plugged into any of its digital inputs is also getting a clock signal from the external clock. If not, the DAC won't lock to the external clock signal either. So, for example, if I tried feeding my D03 DAC from a computer using a USB/SPDIF converter that did not have a WORD clock input, I could not get the DAC to sync to the G0S so I would shut the CLOCK input off on the DAC and allow it to use its own internal clock. On the other hand, when I tried this same experiment using a DCS Scarlatti Upsampler as the USB/SPDIF converter I was able to get this to work correctly. The Scarlatti Upsampler does have a WORD CLOCK input - so I was able to feed it a clock signal from the G0s (44.1 for DCS gear) and also a 44.1 clock signal to the D03 and everything sync'd just fine.
Hey, thanks, babybear! I wonder why they would do that. It seems to me, if the internal clock of the D05 is able to clock the incoming signal from a connected device without word synd, why not the external clock? I sent a message to Esoteric US and Germany, but so far, no answer.
In your opinion, that would mean putting an upsampler between DVD transport and DAC that has a word sync input, right? Or, buying a DVD transport with a word sync input.
Hi Hwastorm,

I actually don't think that the internal clock of the D05 clocks the incoming signal from a connected device. What it can do is output a clock signal from its internal clock to the connected device (if you are not using the G0rb external clock).

Yes, if you place any time of transport or upsampler that is the device that connects to the D05 via one of its digital inputs, and also has a word clock input via BNC connector, then it should work using the G0rb to provide a clock signal to both devices.
Just a shot in the dark here, babybear has owned the better esoteric gear (i used to have a dv50s i wish i would have kept for dvd use...)

If your theta dvd transport is dvd only, are you setting your clock to 48 vs 44.1?

When i do this on my dcs scarlatti, the dac will lock to clock on video sources like directv...seem to have a more focused sound, better detail...again, just a thought....
@babybear: Thanks again! You may be right, I had not thought that the internal clock of the D05 would not operate connected to an external device. On the other hand, I can set the internal clock to operate to DLL1 or DLL2, so it certainly seems to work connected to the Carmen 2. The manuals are not as complete and explanatory as they could be.
@ Jfrech: I have tried that, both to 48 and to PAL FILM as I live in Europe, but, no clocking.
Thanks for your advice, guys, and council, even though the matter remains a mystery!