Esoteric P03 transport: noisy unit normal?

Hi all,

I have a new Esoteric P03/D03 combo in exchange of a X01/D2. I started a thread a while ago to learn more of these units. Also I'm posting my preliminary findings on the units and how they compare to each other.

To make it brief here, the Combo I find it to be quite a step forward from the single unit. Greater than expected in many ways. Good for that. However I'm starting this post to ask other users on the noisy transport P03.

I started doing serious listening not that long ago, once I got the right cables and had some good hours on the units (now like 350hours aprox). . The thing (transport) noisy. Quite more than I recall the D2 being. I can hear the transport when spinning with volume set to 0 or very low from my listening position..., like 3,5 or 4 meters away from the unit. Not happy about that. Of course when music plays at normal level or even low, you won't hear the thing, but when there is a silent in the middle of the song, if you "look for it" sometimes you will find it.

Now my question to other P03/D03 owners. Is this something normal that you also have in your units or is it something I should complain against and ask for a replacement or fix? I've read some others about this noises but seems that some people get a noise and others don't.

Can you please give me your feedback on your experience with the P03? Do you also get the noise but live with it? You never had it, or you had it and got it solved, either replaced or fixed and how you managed to do this?

Thanks in advance
My Esoteric UX-3Pi makes a sound like you describe...mechanical spinning of the disc. When the unit was new, the sound was unacceptably loud. I had the transport mechanism replaced under warranty. The replacement transport is still louder than just about any other player I've owned, but it's quieter than the original transport.
That's why I sold my P03/D03.
I had a P70 transport that I found was a little noisy when the room was quiet. You could hear it spinning from several feet away. I sent it to Esoteric for a look see. They replaced a laser assembly servo control board. It was quieter, but I was still not happy with it.

I have seen several complaints of noisy VRDS transports. They may be very ruggedly built, reliable and accurate, but it seems they leave something to be desired noise wise. I eventually sold my P70 but kept the great companion D70 DAC.
Eli, as already mentioned in the other thread, the whirring from some Esoteric units is entirely benign. . . it never converts into EM noise that intermodulates the signal. . . in other words, you never hear it from the speakers. If your transport is under warranty, and you are the original owner. . . or you purchased a factory recertified unit, you might attempt to persuade Tim Crable at TEAC America to replace part of the transport subassembly under warranty.If I recall correctly, the noise may be caused by ceramic bearings in some units, including the P-03 and the X-01 series

Of course, you may very well decide instead you can't live with the noise. . .hence place your fabulous P-03/D-03 on the sales block on Audiogon. . . just to discover far too late that you have traded your annoyingly whirring marvel for an oh so quiet. . . son of a lesser sonic god. G.
Units are brand new nad I'm first owner. Not sure TEAC Amrecia would do anything for me since I'm in Europe. We don't have TEAC Europe but deal with distributors by country. Will need to talk to them and see.

Yes we are crossing messages at both posts. I very much agree with that. I will keep it. SOund is too good with the noise on. If I can manage to get rid of it great. If not it is still by far, the best I've heard in digital.
If I recall correctly, the VRDS mechanism spins at 4x normal CD speed, to account for buffering, etc. At that speed, it would seem that smaller noises could get a bit magnified. My UX-1Pi occasionally makes the noise you describe and when it does, I take the disc out and reseat it. That usually does the trick.

I agree with Guido - I've also heard that noise attributed to the ceramic bearings. Interestingly, as part of the APL NWO re-working of several Esoteric players, these bearings are replaced!
I find the noise is greatest between tracks and it settles down when the next track is played.
Fp, what does APL NWO stand for? They replace them with what?!

The problem you describe has to be another thing. THe noise I talk about is always there. It is very constant. It is louder I think with SACD than with CD. Assume the thing is spinning faster with SACDs hence the difference.

Dot, I will need to check this out. i think the noise is constant all the way, but maybe not. Thing is you can only hear it when music stops, like in between tracks. So my guessing is that is always there but when music starts you can not notice it. Still I will check out on this. Also how consistent it is with different discs at different playing times.
Fplanner afaik the APL NWO has the bigger transport.
Perrew - I know, as does mine (I kept the original when I did the Pi upgrade). I know about the bearings because Alex and I actually talked about it.

Eelii08- Sounds like we may be talking about 2 different things. Sorry about that - I tried....My noise is not constant.
Fplanner you are correct APL upgrade them to lower the noise substantionately. Smart move to keep the transport!
Oh yes, now a recall the APL thing. These were the units modded taht some claim never got back or only after several years, while others say are just the best.

I'm not interested in getting the units modded at all. Please can we keep it at solutions/experiences within the official Esoteric chain? Thanks
Yeah APL are the ones that come with silent transport:-)

What were trying to say is that there are solutions to te problem no need to sell your unit if youre happy with the soundquality.
Thanks Perrew. I'm not planning on selling it. On one side, I'm happy with the sound of it. Surely it is very annoying that some units are noisy while others are dead quiet, and this has to be solved... But secondly, if I was to sell a brand new unit I would loose a fortune, and I'm not keen on that either.

I will call Esoteric, either US or Japan or where ever and see what they have to say.