Esoteric P01 and D01


does anybody have any experiance with this combination?

thx rumney
As I recall, Judy426 may have ordered a set. Branimir is expecting one for evaluation in a couple of weeks.
I'm interested as well.

anybody tried/own this combo?
HiFi+ UK magazine Issue 43 has just done an intro on the P-01 / D-01 and G-0s.
at the end of the article they go on to say,

“It’s a test they’ll be but to shortly, but given the complexity of the system, you can see why a separate introduction was deemed necessary” with a review to come,
The article does not appear to be available online. Could you post some of the most salient points? Thanks, Guido
guido-i am in the process of getting the po3/d03 combo.
Doyou have an opinion?Have u auditioned it yet.
u/stand a great value compared to the p01/d01
Sorry Sugarmagnolia, I have not yet had an opportunity of auditioning the P03/D03 combo, as such I truly do not have any opinion on this device as yet.
The P-01, D-01, P-03 and D-03 are the state of the art. Nothing better out there.

For an all in one I would use a UX1Limited (audio-video) or an X-01Limited for audio only.