Esoteric P-05 - D-05 - anbody use the word sync ??

......never hooked this option up - and contacted Paul at the Cable Company to send me a good BNC / BNC cable to hook the word sync option up on my Esoteric P-05 / D-05 system.....has anybody else used this and what were the sonic improvements - seeing how I do not have a cable ???? Thanks

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then i am sorry i bothered you
I am sure it will help.

I use a dCS Puccini and U-Clock, it's noticeable. I can hear a difference between the stock clock cable and a cardas lightning...
:) I just checked, I am using the lightning 15 bnc to bnc. it's not expensive and just seems to make everything better.

i don't know about other true 75 ohm cables. i might try something like a purist or a transparent and see one day.

i think babybear here on audiogon has a po3/d03...not sure if that is close enough to help you (he also has the external clock)