Esoteric P-05 - D-05 - anbody use the word sync ??

......never hooked this option up - and contacted Paul at the Cable Company to send me a good BNC / BNC cable to hook the word sync option up on my Esoteric P-05 / D-05 system.....has anybody else used this and what were the sonic improvements - seeing how I do not have a cable ???? Thanks

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....thanks Jfrech....but my thread is about the Esoteric
P-05 and the D-05 and using the Word Sync option...really nothing about cables
....Jfrech - you did not bother me - I was just looking for somebody who has used this option on their Esoteric's know Jfrech, you may have still answered my question after all. I am reading that one of the only true 75 ohm digital cables is the Cardas Lightning 15....what other '' true '' 75 ohm digital cables are there ?????
....thanks Mike, I think it's Mike as you and I have '' talked '' before or have possibly even done some business here. I guess that you and I have been on this site for awhile. That's the answer I was looking for....I went to Radio Shack figuring I could buy a $20 (or whatever cheap price )75 ohm BNC connection cable .....and got the ; '' you have to go on-line for that stuff ''...Nice. I just wanted to see if it would work. Every dealer I call they are trying to sell me digital cables....I already have 2 Pursit Audio 20th Anniversary's XLR's that were very expensive......I just want to see if adding a BNC 75 ohm cable to the word sync would improve the sound even more!!!!!! So, yes it does.....Jfrech was nice enough to help with cables .....but I can't help but think that there has to be a good, well made 75 ohm BNC cable out there that will transmit that signal without any coloration - don't want to spend another $2,500 on another cable....if it makes that much of a differnce on the just the word synce - then I may. If this works, I will add a clock, the G-03x is within my range and then I would already have a nice cable. So, you liked the Kimber which was the ''old '' Iluminati which the designer sold to Kimber and then started Sterovox and now has Soundlab,,,,Chris Y or something. Let me know if this was good cable - as I will go that route for about $350 a cable Cardas Ligtning 15 for about $300....or there is a used Siltech with BNC for about Hmmmmm - $1,400 here on to know if there's a difference !!!!
hello Manny - sorry about the mix up on the name. I agree as all I want to do is transmit a clocking signal and not an audio signal. Like you, I have the PAD 20th Anniversary's between the two pieces, and would be crazy to spend that much again on a non-audio signal cable. I might try the Kimber or the Cardas or see what's used here with BNC connections which could be tough. But what I am hearing you say is that is does make a big difference...then I will find something