Esoteric P-05 - D-05 - anbody use the word sync ??

......never hooked this option up - and contacted Paul at the Cable Company to send me a good BNC / BNC cable to hook the word sync option up on my Esoteric P-05 / D-05 system.....has anybody else used this and what were the sonic improvements - seeing how I do not have a cable ???? Thanks
I am sure it will help.

I use a dCS Puccini and U-Clock, it's noticeable. I can hear a difference between the stock clock cable and a cardas lightning...
....thanks Jfrech....but my thread is about the Esoteric
P-05 and the D-05 and using the Word Sync option...really nothing about cables
then i am sorry i bothered you
....Jfrech - you did not bother me - I was just looking for somebody who has used this option on their Esoteric's know Jfrech, you may have still answered my question after all. I am reading that one of the only true 75 ohm digital cables is the Cardas Lightning 15....what other '' true '' 75 ohm digital cables are there ?????
:) I just checked, I am using the lightning 15 bnc to bnc. it's not expensive and just seems to make everything better.

i don't know about other true 75 ohm cables. i might try something like a purist or a transparent and see one day.

i think babybear here on audiogon has a po3/d03...not sure if that is close enough to help you (he also has the external clock)
I used the P-03/D-03 combo first just with a BNC connector (Kimber D-60?) and then with two Kimbers and a G-ORb. Your question doesn't ask about the G-ORb, so I won't bother addressing the substantial improvement added by that. To operate separate Esoteric transports and DACs with the WORD connection disabled is like hopping on one foot rather than walking. I only did it once to make sure the connection was working, and the sound lost focus and became muddled and lost sharpness and definition the moment the connection was broken. Any BNC cable, no matter how cheap, makes a substantial improvement over no connection, although it is worth buying a good, although not a very pricey, DNC cable, which probably would be overkill.
....thanks Mike, I think it's Mike as you and I have '' talked '' before or have possibly even done some business here. I guess that you and I have been on this site for awhile. That's the answer I was looking for....I went to Radio Shack figuring I could buy a $20 (or whatever cheap price )75 ohm BNC connection cable .....and got the ; '' you have to go on-line for that stuff ''...Nice. I just wanted to see if it would work. Every dealer I call they are trying to sell me digital cables....I already have 2 Pursit Audio 20th Anniversary's XLR's that were very expensive......I just want to see if adding a BNC 75 ohm cable to the word sync would improve the sound even more!!!!!! So, yes it does.....Jfrech was nice enough to help with cables .....but I can't help but think that there has to be a good, well made 75 ohm BNC cable out there that will transmit that signal without any coloration - don't want to spend another $2,500 on another cable....if it makes that much of a differnce on the just the word synce - then I may. If this works, I will add a clock, the G-03x is within my range and then I would already have a nice cable. So, you liked the Kimber which was the ''old '' Iluminati which the designer sold to Kimber and then started Sterovox and now has Soundlab,,,,Chris Y or something. Let me know if this was good cable - as I will go that route for about $350 a cable Cardas Ligtning 15 for about $300....or there is a used Siltech with BNC for about Hmmmmm - $1,400 here on to know if there's a difference !!!!
Hi. Its Manny. The D-60 was about $150, and that probably was too much in the bang for bucks standard, but I just wanted to play safe. The Illuminati cables were very reasonable value when I used them, years ago, as digital audio cables, although they were never a match for, first, the Purist Dominus Rev. B and now the Stealth Varidig Sextets which replaced them between the P-03 and D-03, but simply as a BNC connection they're probably overkill. After all, they're not transmitting audio, just digital timing information. Esoteric (California) said any inexpensive BNC cables would work just as well, but I was too paranoid for that. I would definitely not invest anything more than $150 on this, however.
hello Manny - sorry about the mix up on the name. I agree as all I want to do is transmit a clocking signal and not an audio signal. Like you, I have the PAD 20th Anniversary's between the two pieces, and would be crazy to spend that much again on a non-audio signal cable. I might try the Kimber or the Cardas or see what's used here with BNC connections which could be tough. But what I am hearing you say is that is does make a big difference...then I will find something
Any 75 ohm pro audio BNC-BNC shielded video cable will work perfectly: Belden, Mogami, Canare, etc.

The pros don't care much about six-nines copper and that sort of thing, but are very, very strict about getting impedances right.