Esoteric P-05/D-05...... AES digital cable?

What is a good solution?
Liudas of LessLoss will build an AES/EBU digital cable for you. I own two and they're quite good. About $300 a short while back.
I use dual Kimber Orchid for the mono inputs. It sounds better than a single cable connection. I tried a single Stereovox digital cable at first, but the mono connetion is definitely better IMO.
On the P-03/D-03 I use Audio Stealth Varidig Sextet XLR cables. They are superb.
Go for a good iLink cable instead and save a lot of $$$$. I think this sounds more "correct".
I use Audioquest Raven for AES/EBU. Great cable.
Apogee Wyde Eye. do not underestimate this cable !