Esoteric owners - SA-50 to ?

I'm curious as to what other previous SA-50 owners went to in upgrading their player. I'm a current owner of a SA-50 and have been looking to upgrade. Is the K-05 worth the move up or is another player in line all together? Thank you in advance for your input and recommendations.
as an Esoteric dealer and a dealer for a zillion other lines,

the SA 50 was a good player loved by critics but liked by dealers, I thought it was a good sounding player but was not particularly lush or musically engaging.

The newer Esoteric players sound way better, they are much more musical and way more involving.
"The newer Esoteric players sound way better, they are much more musical and way more involving."

I don't know what to say about that. I just bought an Esoteric UX-3 (ehibitor unit) player and I truly love it. It's the best digital in my home. I like it much more than my Wyred dac which uses the ESS dac. The player sounds very musical and effortless sounding, especially on the many rock cd's I own.
Esoteric players have always sounded great.

Unless of course you're using to forums to push the latest models.

Dealer disclaimer.
The Esoteric sound is wonderful and the SA-50 has been great. I have owned Audio Aero and EMM Labs prior to and was looking for suggestions on whether to hold the line with Esoteric or shy away to another product. Thank you for your input!
I recently started shopping for a replacement for my DV-50, and had a chance to compare an Esoteric X-05 and Marantz SA-7S1. (I figured they were proxies for the newer models coming out.) To my surprise, as I always enjoyed my DV-50, I liked the Marantz much more. It was substantially better at all the little things that make music more engaging: better reproduction of instrument timber, better microdynamics, better disentangling of instrumental lines, especially in complex passages, and so forth. The X-05 sounded very nice, closer to what I was used to (no doubt better than the DV-50 but hard to compare since it was an entirely different system) - but the music just didn't hold my attention in the same way. I got a good deal on the 7S1 as a demo, with warranty, and I bought it. No regrets at all. YMMV, but I'd say it is worth listening to alternatives to Esoteric to see what you think.