Esoteric Owners

My X-05 has no "standby" function, as many CD players do. Do you Esoteric owners leave your players on all the time or shut them down. I was wondering whether, even when shut off, the internals are effectively in a "standby" mode. Just asking, as I hate the sound of cold digital players. Thanks.
My SA-10 has standby mode. Although I don'treally use it. It is left in the "on" mode pretty much 24/7, as I agree with you that it sounds much better when it's been warmed up.
I have an X03-SE and leave it on all the time (took over 1,000 hours to break in so it ain't ever going off). Warm up is about a half hour or so. If you don't leave a disc in while it is not playing, it uses less power.
I've got the Esoteric P-70 transport which does not have a standby mode. But, to be honest, I've never had a CD player or transport that has a standby mode. I've only seen that on DVD players.

Anyway, my compromise is to turn the P-70 on in the morning and shut it down at night.