Esoteric: new cd players

I have seen that Esoteric has brought out the K01xd and the K03xd.  As yet, I have not been able to find any reviews online. 

Has anybody heard one of these machines as yet?  I have the K05x, and I am very happy with it.  Would upgrading be a substantial improvement?
Many thanks.
Not available currently in the USA so dont expect any reviews anytime soon.  A Measly K-01X would blow the doors off your 5X let alone the XS or Grandioso series.
@fuzztone - That's a pretty interesting looking CD transport, it will be interesting to discover how it performs.
I don't suppose you've heard one?

Both those Esoteric players look the goods, I bet both sound great.
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I also have a 05X...Excellent player... Not ready to spend more for marginal gain in performance. 
Thanks.  Different opinions.