Esoteric N-05 or Lumin A1

Hi all.

I am currently using a MacBook Pro using Audirvana+ with a 4TB external HDD as my server. It feeds a Weiss DAC2 firewire input.

I want to go to a one box solution hence the 2 models mentioned above. I just want to do away with any type of computers in the audio chain. No Mac mini, no MacBook etc.....

I do not have a NAS so I would still be connecting a HDD to the unit. 
Does anyone have experience with either units (or brand) mentioned above?
Are there other cheaper alternatives that could deliver better or as good SQ.

There is the Aurender A10 as well but an Aurender dealer here in Montreal told me that my Weiss (although dated) is a much better DAC than the one residing inside the A10 and suggested a N10 or N100C but he missed the part when I said one box solution.
Also, what is the most unreliable part of an Aurender?
Yes, its internal HDD. 

There is also the Esoteric N-01 but at $20k it’s a bit out of my budget and besides, if I want better SQ than digital (as a whole) I will just put a vinyl on my analog front end.

Comments/suggestions much appreciated.

I own an Esoteric N-05 and a Lumin U1.  The U1 doesn’t have a DAC so that doesn’t help you.  However, both units manufacturers recommend you use a NAS and MINIMServer.  My understanding if you use a USB drive vs. a NAS, the application’s functionality will be limited for both devices.  Lumins are MQA ready and Roon compatible, the N-05 is MQA ready and Roon capability is on the way.  Also, I believe the DAC in the N-05 is better than the one in the A1.  
 Everyone’s experience is different in their own system. I have a Lumin A1 and auditioned the Esoteric N-05 for a weekend a number of months ago.  It was the dealer’s floor model, so it was well broken in.  I kept my Lumin A1.  In my system, the A1 was a much more natural and enjoyable piece of equipment.