Esoteric N-05

Esoteric N-05 vs K-01 [Archive] - AudioShark Forums I recently traded in my K-01 for the N-05 dac/network player and the outcome has been most satisfying. The N-05 sports the new gen AK 4490 chip while the K-01 has the 4399 chip, and the app is designed by Lumin with the Esoteric name tacked on.   Lucky to have compared the Linn, Lumin and N-05 and he found the N-05 giving the most balanced SQ of the 3. The Lumin uses the Wolfson chip which is very well regarded too.
  In comparison, the K-01 spinning discs in its transport, the SQ from the N-05 configured as above beats out the K-01 in every regard. This is a Major/huge difference and not subtle. This could be due to the new gen AK 4490 chip in the N-05 but its usb implementation, power supply and analog output stages may play important roles as well. Best of all found it at just $4890

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Are you a dealer? 
Sounds like a dealer and a cheap one at that, too.
You can peddle your wares in another section of this site - and pay for it.

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