Esoteric MG-10 and MG-20 speakers


Does anyone have any personal experience with the MG-10 or MG-20 speakers from Esoteric? The speakers use proprietary magnesium drivers and have received rave reviews from the audio press. Also, Esoteric recently slashed the prices on both models.
The MG-10 and MG-20 have recently won a number of citations;

In addition, there is a review on Stereophile and another on Postive Feedback Online;

I've talked to 2 people who have heard the MG-20s and they tell me the speakers are extremely good (to their listening tastes, preferences, etc....)
I just parted with my Spendor BC1 speakers. I auditioned the MG-10 at the dealer and again at home before I decided to buy them. Quite excellent on all counts and nearly all music (I have not played rock). The room is well damped and I play a lot of vinyl. I have tube equipment and anti-cable speaker hookup wire. There is a lot more detail and air from these units compared to the Spendors which I thought quite excellent for a long while.The midrange is close. The most important input is that even though there is a lot more detail the units are not fatiguing to listen to which when it occurs is usually a sign of peakiness in the reproduction. You should audition them in your set up.
I listened to the MG-20 at RMAF 2010 in Esoteric's room and it was fabulous, easily one of the best of the show. Clean, neutral, with great imaging and good soundstage height from such a short speaker. Impressive.
I agree with the above comments and can't knock them but be careful if you are weary about too much upper end detail. These speakers will give it to you and if your electronics are not up to it I suspect they will be on the bright side.

I've heard them many times with upper end Esoteric and Luxman and they were nice.
I do not own either Esoteric speaker. I have heard them at several shows in the Esoteric room and I agree with Bjesien. They are very detailed and with a bad electronics match might be too bright. Be aware that even the MG20 is a small speaker with a limited low end. The 10 sounds almost identical with even less bottom which makes the speaker sound a bit less rounded in its presentation. Still very good speakers if you match carefully into your system.
I just purchased the Esoteric MG20s and love them. They have the speed, immediaciy and transparency of a Maggie but without a too forward/bright treble (was my experience with recent auditions of Maggies I went to purchase). MG20s have smooth and extended highs. They have the pinpoint imaging of a monitor speaker. The presence and soundstaging (tall and wide) of a floorstander. Only quibble is low end extension is not like a Vandersteen etc. Bass is fast and articulate and tuneful, but tapers off around 40. I bought the MG20s knowing I would be supplementing with a subwoofer. I am using the MG20s only in a two channel music setup. Nice thing, too, is they are relatively efficient so my simaudio amp has no problems driving the pair. So for me, it was the combination of all the best qualities of the best speakers I've heard, together in a very coherent manner, and the aesthetics/footprint/placement options are wonderful.
I own the MG-20 speakers and am very happy with them with the following: Spectral preamp, Gamut power amp, Esoteric X-03SE CD player, Nordost Heimdall. Decided to upgrade to Heimdall from Blue Heaven speaker cable for more warmth, giving up a tad upper end detail/speed. Decidedly better with all music forms over previoud VA Beethovens. Not planning on any improvements
I should have mentioned that I am using the MG10 with a REL T3 sub. The sub is fed from a Velodyne SMS-1 which is very flexible. The sound is superb. The trick is to use a smaller subwoofer with the MG-10 as this matches the speed of the response of both units.
A couple months later, and I am still loving my MG-20s, now matched with new Velodyne DD15+. Am now upgrading amplification to a VAC amp. Getting ready to list Simaudio on A'gon.