Esoteric K-O3 with an external clock or K-01 player on its own for best sound quality

I am very aware hifi is a case of suck it and see, but i am calling out to anybody with experience with Esoteric products, i am from the UK and the Esoteric market is not the biggest in the world so home demos can be somewhat of lots of phone calls and weeks of waiting until the product of interest arrives.

My situation is i own an Esoteric K-03 with built in volume which is important to me so the new X range is out of the question. I have a little money put a side for an upgrade as i am enjoying the K-03 so should my choice of upgrade be add the 5k clock to the K-03 or look out for a used K-01, im hoping for just more of the same sound big bold and realistic, i do play with the filters but i seem to have settled on FIR 1 and 4x

All advice is greatly appreciated, my only wish is i wish i could play my collection of DVDA which i miss as i generally preferred this media but i have 1000s of cd and piles of sacds to keep me happy,

I do not do computer audio as yet but this is something i will get around to i am still enjoying my silver discs please would you be so kind to help if you can offer any kind of advice,

I owned both and while the K03 was good the K01 was a step . my dealer told me to be honest the new K01X sound wise was splitting hairs. I also asked him about adding a clock and he said by the time and cost you might ad well by the K01 and sell or trade in the K03. My other advise is I have not heard a CD player sound netter going directly out then going through a good preamp 
hi phillyb
thanks for reply, i have never heard a cd player sound better direct except this K03, i have not got the sought of system i had years ago, but what i have got sounds great, i have only got a RCA only passive pre amp here i would have to use the RCA outputs to go threw the pre amp but i love this K03 direct thanks for advice it may be the K01 NEXT
Best of luck. k01 under 10K is a great price. Of is a heavy best with 4 power supplies. Never turn if off, sounds much better, if you do turn it off the day you want to listen turn it on in the morning.

I would go with the KO-1 you can add a  a clock later for even better sound. With the ko1x or ko3x you loose the volume control but you get a better chip set and you hook your lap top direct to the unit for computer audio.
hi pete,
I have still not got around to hooking up the laptop, I have so many good quality discs I am really happy at the moment, is it proven that the downloads sound better than the high quality recorded silver discs ?
I would go for a manufacturer who is able to do it right with one unit ...
hi Syntax,

any suggestions ?
syntax are you a dealer ? Was there a reason for your comment i use the forums to share passion and advice, can you please back up your comment with something positive thank you,
K01 without question.
thanks everyone K01 has been purchased receiving it today 
Great let us know. You have a keeper for many years. 
seller has let me down on the delivery, hopefully i will get in the week, i have paid 250gbp deposit bank transfer with cash to pay on delivery, i will update you all when i get to listen, i tried the k03 with a passive pre amp sound was world class but i still enjoying direct using xlr Townshend Fractal interconnects, very open and natural thanks for your advise regards john