ESOTERIC K-07X VS Mcintosh MCD 550 Which is better ?

Im deciding on one of these  players  to purchase .

Which player is better ?
Thank You ..
Better? No not better Different is the word, typically the Esoteric sounds very fast, cool, articulate and dynamic very "digital" sounding. The Mac will sound warm, beautiful, very musical with proper tone, and dynamic and a more analogue type sound.

Matt M
I'm coming from an Oppo 95 player so I think either one of these players will be a big improvement for me .
I have an Esoteric UX-3 in one system and a McIntosh MCD301 in another system.  I much prefer the Esoteric as it seems truer to the music, but the McIntosh  is very smooth sounding and even poor recorded cd's sound listenable.  It's a toss up and either player you mentioned will be a big step up from the Oppo.
I am a McIntosh person, have two Mac power amps, two Mac preamps and a Mac tuner, but when it comes to digital I would not consider Mac, there are better choices out there and for a lot less cost.
Thanks for posting that . Im using two Mcintosh  MC 252 amps  through a Krell KCT pre Amp with B&W 800D speakers and I was thinking the same thing . I like Mcintosh for their amps but not so much for their digital products . I bought the  Mcintosh MCD 700 player when it first came out in the eighties then purchased a Mcintosh MVP 851 later on and my oppo 95 sounds better than the MAC .
Ive also had tons of problems with my Mcintosh players . They have not been trouble free for me over the years .
Im still deciding between the two players Mcintosh MCD 550 or the ESOTERIC 7X

Zora ,the Esoteric 7x is one of Esoterics entry level player and is a light weight example of Esoterics line, if your budget is for a new 07x you could look into a used Esoteric O3 which is head and shoulders above the sound quality  performance of esoterics entry level players or look into another high quality brand   Do your home work .
 The MAC MCD 301 is not even close to the MCD 550! These units are completely different, the 550 has dacs from ESS and is a MUCH better sounding player. The McIntosh MCD201 and 301 are entry level players that sound pedestrian.

Matt M
Esoteric over Mac every day of the week when it comes to digital.


I beg to differ with you. The MCD301 replaced an Esoteric DV50 and it blows it away. It isn’t nearly as good as my Esoteric UX-3 but the UX-3 was 8500.00 The MCD301 was the second model up in the line with the 201 being the entry level. To be honest with you, I do not like ESS dacs, they are certainly not the end all. I had one in my Wyred4Sound dac2 dsd se with Femto clock. It is a forward sounding dac just like the Wyred dac 1 I used before it. That was the main reason I went with the MCD301 because of not having the ESS chips.

I went with the Esoteric K-07X new .

I had two Mcintosh players Mcd 7000 ( first cd player Mcintosh made )
then I had a MVP 851.

Im trying something different this time .

Wishing you great enjoyment. You may find something like an Equitech 2Q will provide great isolation to your non digital components and significantly enhance the benefits of the K-07X. 
If this thread is still continuing, I would like to say that I too have an Oppo BDP 95 and am considering the Esoteric K-07x or even the 05x. What I would like to ask is, can I plug my external hard drive into the Esoteric like I can with the Oppo? I really don't know a lot about the digital wiring in today's high-end world.

A shout out to Stereo5 for his endorsements of the Triton Reference on other threads. I too have a pair, and they are absolutely incredible. 

Thank you very much.  Enjoy them.
@ ptss  
For power conditioners , I've sold my Richard Gray 1200. I'm planning on replacing it with a Shunyata Denali S .
I've never heard of Equitech. I'm looking forward to my new Esoteric player . Im hoping for a nice improvement in sound quality . 
Please advise the improvement using the Denali S. Cheers. 
Equitech is heavily used by audio industry professionals including innumerable bands road shows,recording studios,entertainment venues,and ultra high level research labs. Perhaps worth a look. 
I have a McIntosh preamp and power amp, love their equipment, but feel that "digital" is not their strong point.

I have had a PS Audio DirectStream DAC since it was first on the market, and have paired it with their DirectStream memory player, interconnected with an HDMI cable (their I2S interface)...and a P10 PowerPlant (AC power re-generator).  It is the best sounding digital I've ever auditioned!
Did you try the Denali?