Esoteric K-07 Opinions please

Has anyone heard this player?

Looking for a new player and on paper this seems to fit the bill, but I can't audition. I like a lush warm sound without giving up dynamics and detail.

Running Jeff Rowland integrated with Dynaudio C1 signatures.

Opinions from those actually hearing this player would be greatly appreciated.
I haven't heard the K07, but I do own a Esoteric UX-3 which uses the NEO VRDS mechanism. Lush and warm with great dynamics and detail is exactly the way I would describe the sound of my player. I use a Kimber Silver Streak cable from the player to the preamp and a Shunyata Copperhead power cord.

I think you are headed in the right direction.
I have used Esoteric players (X-01 and K-01) with Rowland gear since mid 2006 and I can't be happier about the results. Just be patient with break-in.... Breaking in K-07 is likely to take a long time.... 500 hours for basic break in, plus 500 hours for each filter and upsampler. Guido
I have the Esoteric K-07 player, it is a very clean, detailed player and it break-in time is measured in geological time, mine is still in that process. Overall it should be a nice fit with your Rowland gear. I have noticed there seems to be more compression in some musical passages when compared to the Luxman D-06, but I attribute this to the still in break-in process. This is not a complaint but an observation and that I suspect will go away in time.

Good luck in your search.
I have used a Esoteric DV60 and I found this player to sound very Amped up, very upfront ,in your face kind of too intense after a couple hours of listening. Great player build quaility and rock solid performace. I switched to a McIntosh cd201 I use as a transport, thru a outboard digital processor and DAC by Monarchy Audio and MSB Technologies. The sound is much easier to listen to at high levels for long periods, very big and warm not so analytical sounding as the Esoteric. I like vinyl so for me its a given that I like warmer sounding SACD/CD players.
Mattmiller, DV-60 is an old player.... You are right about its sound... Thankfully it has little or nothing in common with the current generation of Esoteric K-0X devices. G.
good to know.....I love the Neo drive Its AWESOME! wish I could afford that.