Esoteric K-03X or K-01X - Upconversation, PCM

I just received my K-03X and love it! Although the sound is little bit tight when start, but after playing a few hours, I can hear the sound-stage is wider than my pervious X-03SE. Also it has better density and texture, more smooth (like silk), more transparency and better 3D-dimension than X-03SE.  My quetsion is I just wonder when you’re using your K-01X/ K-03X for CD/ SACD playback, are you using the Up-conversation (Up-sample) function?  If yes, which option you use?  2X, 4 X, 8X or DSD?  If up-sampling, how many KHZ?

Also are you using PCM? FIR-1, FIR-2, SDLY-1 or SDLY-2?


Hi mmb1622
I listened to the 4 different filters for a very short time and the one that sounded the best to me (not broken in) was the SDLY-2. the FIR-2 seems to be the popular one,(not broken in) sounded thiner sounding than the SDLY-2 (not broken in). The up sampling rates i feel depends on the disc you play and how well its recorded. i use the 2x and 8x rates. I do not think their is a right answer, its just matter what sound you like. Get some time on your player. Then post what you find out.
Enjoy Pete

Hi 68pete

THX! Today I have tested 8 different combinations of Up-conversion, PCM and DSDF, my final choice is:


Up-conversion = DSD


DSDF = Off

To be honest, not sure if these things is not fully broke in or I have a pair of bad ear, it seem like the difference between each combination is not very significant.

BTW, I don’t know if many people prefer to use the original setting without using any up-conversation and PCM? Because original setting sounds also very nice to me.

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