Esoteric k-03 vs emm labs CDSA SE

Which is better there are both used in audiogon , I don't have a chance to listen to them, I have been using Sony XA-9000ES ,
Esoteric k-03 is more money and current production.
Thanks for your opinion .
I have heard Esoteric X-01SE (slightly modd'd) and Emm CDSA SE. I personally preferred X-01SE. I found it had a slightly warmer tonality than Emm. In different system...could possibly go the either way but my gut told me i would probably go with Esoteric more often than Emm. Emm was very smooth, clear but a touch cool for my taste.

I have read the K-03 is a bit warmer, more tonally pure. My 2 cents. Good doubt, both great choices! Enjoy! and pls keep us posted.
If you can afford the Esoteric, I would go for the dealer demo up for sale now. You don't want to be left out in the cold when spending this much money on a digital product. IMO, you can't purchase used products without considering the service issue. There are stories here all the time of guys with service nightmares. When you purchase through a dealer, they will assist you if the item has a problem. That's my two cents anyway.
Thanks both above
Yes, I am thinking of esoteric dealer' demo unit.
With warrantee, there is advantage to go for k03 because of is excellent dac.
I am leaning towards k03.
I am still hoping more feed back.