Esoteric K-03 or Luxman D-03x

I'm looking for a new/used player and I have an opportunity to buy a used Esoteric K-03 at a reasonable price and close to what a new Luxman D-03x would cost. My system is set up primarily to play vinyl and cd's. I recently owed an older Esoteric X-03se, which I really enjoyed, until it developed a transport issue so I ended up literally giving it away because of the difficulty getting it repaired at a reasonable cost. Whatever player I ultimately buy will be run through my Aesthetix Janus preamp even though I understand that the X-03 has some type of volume attenuator while the Luxman does not. New technology vs old, excellent build quality vs very good, manufacturer's warranty vs "if it breaks I pay to repair it". I don't own any sacd's but might consider buying a few of the better titles. Don't own any. MQA cd's but might buy a few to hear what they're all about. Help a brother out! No right or wrong answer but I'm just looking for other members honest opinions if you have owned and used either of these two players or which one you night chose and why. Thanks, Skip      
Skip. Compared to my D-05U I found the D-03X is more detailed, bigger soundstage, more holographic perhaps. I don’t miss the SACD function as I only have a few hybrid discs anyway. MQA discs sound incredibly clear, but for me it’s just a great CD player. The quietest player in operation too, when loading and playing discs. It's a joy to use.

those are 2 sweet looking spinners. You have a tough choice my Audiophile friend. Have fun!

Happy Listening!
Thanks. I ordered a Luxman D-03X player based on reviews and the input from other members here and now just have to wait for it to arrive. It will be a while since the distributor, Luxman USA, is waiting for new product to arrive in the US from Japan. I'm excited because it's been years since I've bought a brand spankin new anything audio-wise. I'm listening to more vinyl these days because that's my only other option. I still love pulling an album out and playing it. I have a modest system but it's truly amazing how much pleasure I still get from it. 
@ucmgr  since you have had the D-03x for awhile, what are your Impressions and observations regarding sound and playback in your system?
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