Esoteric K-03 or Luxman D-03x

I'm looking for a new/used player and I have an opportunity to buy a used Esoteric K-03 at a reasonable price and close to what a new Luxman D-03x would cost. My system is set up primarily to play vinyl and cd's. I recently owed an older Esoteric X-03se, which I really enjoyed, until it developed a transport issue so I ended up literally giving it away because of the difficulty getting it repaired at a reasonable cost. Whatever player I ultimately buy will be run through my Aesthetix Janus preamp even though I understand that the X-03 has some type of volume attenuator while the Luxman does not. New technology vs old, excellent build quality vs very good, manufacturer's warranty vs "if it breaks I pay to repair it". I don't own any sacd's but might consider buying a few of the better titles. Don't own any. MQA cd's but might buy a few to hear what they're all about. Help a brother out! No right or wrong answer but I'm just looking for other members honest opinions if you have owned and used either of these two players or which one you night chose and why. Thanks, Skip      
The current version of Exoteric K-03 is the K-03XD. Before that was K-03XS, and before that the K-03X (if I am not mistaken). 

I agree with Erik, I would look to buy a newer version Esoteric SACD player
How many threads have there been about problems with Luxman CDP repairs?

Hint: 0.
I tried to contact TAP earlier today and they're closed until January 2021. Not much they can do to help at this point 
I'm not at all an Esoteric fanboy or statistician.  I'm only going by what I see on Audiogon, so I defer to others for a definitive opinion.

I suggest the OP do his own searches and judge them with better guidance than me.

OP -- is the application strictly limited to playing CDs, or do you think you will be getting into streaming later on? When I was shopping for an integrated amplifier, the dealer played music via the Luxman D-03X. To be honest, I wasn't impressed. The dealer suggested that the dac-only Luxman model, DA-06, although discontinued now was significantly better. I bought a used one on his recommendation and absolutely love it. I feel the sound signature lies somewhere in the middle ground between R2R and Delta Sigma DACs, i.e. retains the rich, smooth character of R2R, while not sacrificing details like some R2R dacs.

Either way, I agree with other posters to keep the transport and DAC separate.