Esoteric K-03 or Luxman D-03x

I'm looking for a new/used player and I have an opportunity to buy a used Esoteric K-03 at a reasonable price and close to what a new Luxman D-03x would cost. My system is set up primarily to play vinyl and cd's. I recently owed an older Esoteric X-03se, which I really enjoyed, until it developed a transport issue so I ended up literally giving it away because of the difficulty getting it repaired at a reasonable cost. Whatever player I ultimately buy will be run through my Aesthetix Janus preamp even though I understand that the X-03 has some type of volume attenuator while the Luxman does not. New technology vs old, excellent build quality vs very good, manufacturer's warranty vs "if it breaks I pay to repair it". I don't own any sacd's but might consider buying a few of the better titles. Don't own any. MQA cd's but might buy a few to hear what they're all about. Help a brother out! No right or wrong answer but I'm just looking for other members honest opinions if you have owned and used either of these two players or which one you night chose and why. Thanks, Skip      

Consult each company about their availability of critical parts for repair/service later down the road. It appears that Esoteric uses TAP electronics in California. Not sure about Luxman authorized customer service / repair here in the U.S. ?

Happy Listening!
I am surprised that after having one problem with Esoteric you are willing to go down that road again.  I play a lot of CDs and SACDs but I think that the transport plus DAC route is the way to go.  CD transports can develop issues as they age, but DACs can last forever, and if you want to use them with other digital sources in the future then you are ready there as well.  I use a Bryston DAC that can accept the outputted DSD from my SACD player, although I suspect that most of your listening will be Red Book CD
You all make valid points. I've never owned anything other than a one-box unit so I really hadn't seriously considered a separate transport and dac. Maher123, I agree that most every issue that I've had was a transport related one while the dac component of the players I've owned have been trouble free. I really don't have enough budget for a "newer" Esoteric player that might be more reliable. When stuff breaks, it's a real PIA to get it repaired because either the cost is ridiculous or the equipment takes a long time to repair. Is there some reasonable amount one would have to spend to get a decent separate transport and dac? I primarily play red book cd and I never owned any sacd's. Are the transports that play one vs both less expensive or more reliable? There appear to be a million dacs available today and I've seen some that are ultra expensive and others that seem reasonable in comparison. How about the cabling between the two? I'm not that technologically competent enough to be able to chose a average dac from a better one. I know it seems like a lot of questions but maybe that's why I've always chosen a one-box solution in the past. Any suggestions?      
Look for Esoteric transport threads, lots of complaints about how hard they are to get serviced in the US.
With all due respect erik-squires, you are exaggerating and misrepresenting the repairability of Esoteric transports. The complaints only have to do with certain older models, with the early generation X-03 being one of them. TAP can repair the model that the OP is considering, the K-03. They will also fix some older models like the DV-50. My suggestion is to contact TAP before buying a used model to make sure it can be serviced.

I bought a used UX-3pi which needed to be repaired right after I received it (it would not play hybrid SACD’s). This model is over 10 years old. TAP did the repair and treated me well. The price for parts is dirt cheap. For example, the laser mechanism was only $85. While their hourly labor rates are somewhat high, they did my repair in around two hours. I was able to drive to TAP’s facility. The OP might have to factor in the cost of packaging and shipping in assessing whether it would be worth it to buy a used player.

I bought a Square Trade warranty with my UX-3pi. Highly recommended if one is available for your purchase if you are going the used route. They covered the cost of the repair, no hassles, and would have paid for shipping too.

As for the sound, my 10 year old UX-3Pi is very good, and I can only imagine how much better the K-03 would sound. I owned 6 dac’s in the past 3 years. All current production. My Esoteric player sounds better, or at least as good, as most of the dac’s that I owned. Maybe not as good as my Mojo dac, but it’s a close call.