Esoteric K-03 or K-01

After many reads and auditions I am ready to pull a trigger on esoterik K-03 player. I also have the opportunity to get a new K-01 for a great price, but without being able to audition it and still a few $$$ more, so it is dificault to commit to.

Those who had a chance to hear/have both players, how much K-01 is better than k-03?

May be for my system K-03 will do fine and K-01 is overkill?

I intend to run Esoteric player direct to amplifier, how much K-01 may sound better direct to amplifier in compare with K-03?

My speakers are Marten Django XL that driven by ML # 532H.
Thank you.
Mike60, yes it is me, but than I talked to some technical people and was told, that noise issue may be related to brake in period and I need to spin it off at least 500 hours, bottom line I bought esoteric (this time again k-01). When I opened this thread, I new how k-03 sound, but needed know much better K-01 is. Well, after having K-01 in my system for about 300 hours I would say it is around 10% better in my system, may be some more (depends on the cd quality) and if one have highly resolving system it makes sense to go with K-01, but for medium level system the K-03 is awesome and even if it makes noise in the beginning it may go away after some hours, if not one should contact esoteric, their shave a different management team know and they provide great service and really take of the customers.
Sorry, made a typo, I was going to say that Esoteric have a different management team now and they provide with a great service and really take care of their customers.
I really trust the brand. All CD players give trouble but I believe that Esoteric is still amongst the best in reliability. The K01 sounds superb to my ears and I did hear and try other "top" brands much touted on these forums. As your K01 runs in, you will be amazed at its sound. I use the K01 as a pure stand alone DAC often, and the DAC part of the machine is outstanding too.
I believe you made a great choice, Denon1.
Mike60, thank you. Yes K-01 is great What is great about it to me, that it is a great cd transport, great DAC and (in my system) I use K-01 to drive amp direct with great results. It is a keeper for me this time for sure.
It sounds very much like you are having a great time with the K-01.
And you are also happy driving your power amps directly. Your amps and speakers clearly are all singing together in synergy with the K-01.
I am curious as to what filter settings you have settled into.